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Industry-Leading RFID Asset Tracking Platform

ViziTrace is one of the industry’s most trusted RFID asset tracking solutions, helping companies track their most valuable assets for more than ten years.

The ViziTrace platform serves professional and industrial fields as an RFID solution and strategic advisor with over a decade of experience pioneering RFID application development for various industries. ViziTrace is a proven RFID visibility platform with hundreds of successful implementations in its portfolio.

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RFID is a highly versatile technology that benefits businesses of all sizes. ViziTrace brings power and ease to RFID tracking solutions, enabling fundamental use cases that can be performed immediately.

Why ViziTrace

ViziTrace is the first choice for businesses seeking a highly customizable, powerful RFID solution. ViziTrace’s power, capabilities, and simplicity will accelerate deployment timelines and your business’s ability to realize ROI from RFID investment. Additionally, ViziTrace eliminates the need to build your own RFID software with pre-developed interfaces and applications.

ViziTrace offers customizable features such as:

  • Data storage structures for any metadata
  • Location granularity
  • Handheld applications
  • RFID asset tracking details
  • Preconfigured report templates

Our clients use ViziTrace’s scalable architecture and easy integration capabilities to tap into existing business insight tools and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This has helped our clients scale from one application area to enterprise tracking applications across multiple locations. ViziTrace makes effective RFID software applications accessible to businesses, from small business uses to enterprise-level RFID solutions.

ViziTrace Benefits include:

  • Fast Return on ROI
  • Customizable Applications & Reporting
  • Complete Scalability
  • Integration with ERP & BI systems

RFID Benefits at a Glance

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Customer Favorite Features

Customer-Favorite Features

Fast track your RFID deployment. Our streamlined process will remove unnecessary complexities or added expenses regardless of your project’s size. Our platform will help get your company’s RFID asset tracking project up and running as quickly as possible.

ViziTrace tools are all equipped with powerful features that keep your team connected at all times, optimized to work methodically and systematically. This includes reporting features, RFID asset tracking tools, and more.

ViziTrace offers customizable features such as:

  • Work In Progress (WIP) Materials Tracking
  • RFID Asset Tracking History
  • RFID System Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Mobile Management Access & Features

Our Implementation Process

Implementation Process

Assessment — Our trained team will perform a comprehensive discovery process and on-site assessment to review the unique requirements of your assets, operations, workforce, and environment. This step is extremely valuable, allowing us to choose the best solution approach, type of tag, and infrastructure needed to capture all of the necessary information.

Design — Our team will use the assessment information to develop a customized plan that includes all the hardware, software, and services recommended for your company. This plan is presented as a layout of your environment that features readers and asset tracking points.

Implementation — We use strict project and quality management methodologies during our implementation plan to ensure that our projects stay on target for pre-established completion dates. In our experience, most project implementations can be accomplished successfully within 60 days.

Support — Following the implementation, we will provide dedicated hardware and software solution support. This includes support for new software releases and access to our partner program for additional value-added benefits.

How it Works

Automatically track key performance indicators (KPIs) using ViziTrace’s RFID asset tracking platform and visibility features. This solution’s powerful reporting capabilities make it easy to see where all your assets are at any given time. Learn more in our comprehensive video!