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ViziTrace is perfect for businesses seeking a simple, customizable, and powerful RFID solution. The ViziTrace RFID experts combine unique industry perspectives with advanced technological knowledge, offering the simplest and easiest-to-use RFID solution on the market. With more than 25 years of combined RFID experience, our RFID tools will be your business’s best decision.

Get On The Fast Track To Deploying RFID

ViziTrace’s simplicity allows you to accelerate your deployment timelines and bolster your return on your RFID investment.

Reduced Asset Search Time

Customizable Features

ViziTrace offers easily customizable features, while its modular structure lets you purchase only the necessary components.
Increased Inventory Accuracy

Scalability & Growth

From small businesses to enterprises, ViziTrace makes the most effective RFID applications accessible to any business.
Increased Inventory Accuracy

Industry-Leading Solutions

Our RFID experts can design, build, and implement solutions that provide lifecycle visibility for your critical assets.

The ViziTrace Leadership Team

Jim Hilton Director, Strategic Growth

Jim Hilton

Director, Strategic Growth

Dave McGoldrick

Dave McGoldrick

Retail Sales

Karl Herring

VP, Sales & Marketing (AMG)

Steve Weiss

Director, Strategy

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RFID is a highly versatile technology that benefits businesses of all sizes. ViziTrace brings power and ease to RFID tracking solutions, enabling fundamental use cases that can be performed immediately.