Renewable Energy Manufacturer

Business Need

A leading manufacturer of renewable energy equipment reduced labor and gained asset visibility with a ViziTrace and Impinj solution. WIP assets and tools frequently went missing or were left unaccounted for, causing plant slow-downs and costly asset loss for a leading manufacturer of renewable energy. The manufacturer had to find a way to reduce errors while tracking and locating critical tools that required calibration.


By tagging assets and tools with RAIN RFID tags and equipping warehouses with Impinj xSpan gateways, the manufacturer can gather data to track items as they move through production lines. Impinj xSpan gateways used in tandem with ViziTrace Software provide data that easily integrates with the manufacturer’s existing ERP system.


By deploying a ViziTrace and Impinj RFID solution, they achieved benefits including a 30% greater material inventory visibility throughout the plant, increased inventory accuracy by 15% while reducing labor cost 10%, and an annual savings of 10% due to fewer missed calibrations and lost tools.