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Persistent Inventory Challenges

Supply chain issues, labor shortages, and more challenges than ever expected have plagued retailers in recent years. Holding additional stock to combat shortages is one way retailers are moving to combat these issues. But how do you effectively manage additional stock with a limited retail workforce? An RFID inventory management tool may be just what your business needs!

Similarly, an RFID inventory tool can help increase inventory access and accuracy in hospitality businesses that depend on it.

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RFID is a highly versatile technology that benefits businesses of all sizes. ViziTrace brings power and ease to RFID tracking solutions, enabling fundamental use cases that can be performed immediately.

Our RFID Inventory Management Retail Solutions

RFID tags for retail provide benefits beyond traditional barcode platforms. With improved inventory accuracy access and quick scanning ability, RFID tags and readers can save your employees time performing weekly or daily cycle counts. Additionally, you can quickly track and locate specific items that another store is looking to purchase. This eliminates the need for staff to look for misplaced items.

The visibility you get into your stock staging and storage when you use an RFID inventory system can help you move merchandise more effectively and positively impact your revenue. For businesses like omnichannel retailers, RFID inventory tools can help you accurately track and manage your inventory, providing a better customer experience for those who buy online and purchase in-store.

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ViziTrace RFID Inventory Management Benefits

In addition to a reputation as one of the industry’s most experienced and trusted teams, ViziTrace is a solution provider and technology integrator that maximizes business ROI. Our end-to-end solutions include hardware, software, tags, services, and integration into your existing platforms. With our technical support and software component upgrades, ViziTrace has helped clients implement solutions they need to optimize the tools in their business practices.


Fast Cycle Counting

Survey inventory more quickly and accurately with RFID tags and scanners
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Accurate Inventory Counts

With 99% inventory accuracy, ViziTrace’s platform offers a trustworthy solution.

Decreased Search Time

Spend less time looking for inventory, resulting in more sales and rentals.
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Improve Visibility

You can better manage your inventory across the entire enterprise.
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Omnichannel Management

Use ViziTrace’s powerful, customizable software to manage your inventory in one place.

Robust Integrations

ViziTrace has the capability for multiple integrations to help streamline your workflows.

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