ViziTrace features bring power and ease of use to RFID tracking solutions, enabling fundamental use cases to be performed right out of the box.

ViziTrace is used to power a variety of tracking applications such as:

  • Work In Progress (WIP) Materials
  • Warehouse and Distribution Machinery and Tools
  • IT Equipment, Documents and Files
  • Containers and Other General Assets
  • Employees, Staff and Visitors

ViziTrace Enterprise features:

  • Highly Configurable and Flexible
  • Asset Tracking History
  • Unlimited Number of Asset Types and Information
  • Built-in Reporting and Custom Report Writer
  • Application and Device Configuration Management
  • Application scalability, Security and Reliability

ViziTrace Portal features:

  • Aggregates and Filters RFID Data
  • Business Rules Logic Processing and Alerts
  • GPIO for Lights, Buzzers, Motion Sensors, Pressure Sensors and Door Locks
  • RFID System Monitoring and Diagnostics

ViziTrace Mobile provides anywhere access to:

  • Manage Assets
  • Locate Assets
  • Manage Asset Lifecycle Changes
  • Inventory in Seconds
  • Support Barcode and RFID

ViziTrace Smart Cart features:

  • High Volume, High Reach Inventory
  • High Speed and Accuracy
  • Mobile RFID Scan Cart
  • Tiered Telescoping Antennas for the Tallest Racks

Our Implementation Process

Fast track your RFID deployment today with our efficient process.

Whether your RFID implementation need is big or small, our streamlined process will remove unnecessary complexities and added expenses to get your company up-and-running in no time.



Our trained team will perform a comprehensive discovery process and on-site assessment to review the unique requirements of your assets, processes, workforce and environment. This step is what allows us to choose the best solution approach, type of tag and infrastructure needed to capture all of the necessary information.


Using the information gathered in Step 1, our team will develop a customized plan that includes all of the hardware, software and services recommended for your company. This plan will be presented as a layout of your environment that features readers and asset tracking points for your review and endorsement.


Strict project and quality management methodologies are employed throughout the execution of the implementation plan. This includes weekly implementation team status meetings to ensure communication and buy-in on tasks, responsibilities and target completion dates. Most project implementations can be accomplished within 60 days.


Following the implementation, we will provide dedicated hardware and software solution support. This includes support for new software releases and access to our partner program for additional value-added benefits.

Watch this video to learn more about RFID Technology and ViziTrace

Did You Know? On average, our implementations only take 30 to 45 days!

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