RFID Benefits at a Glance

A Faster Return on RFID

The power, capabilities and simplicity of ViziTrace helps accelerate deployment timelines and your ROI. With pre-developed interfaces and applications, ViziTrace eliminates the need to build your own RFID software.

Customized for Your Needs

From day one, ViziTrace offers easily customizable features such as data storage structures for any meta data, locations granularity, handheld applications, canned business reports and a report writer, while its modular structure lets you purchase only the components you need, when you need them.

Superior Scalability and Growth

With the scalable architecture and ease of integration into existing business or ERP systems, and then scale from one application area to enterprise tracking applications across multiple sites. From Small Business to Enterprise, ViziTrace makes the most effective RFID applications accessible to any business.

Meet the team behind the industry's simplest RFID solution.

The ViziTrace Team