Assemble a leaner operation with ViziTrace and RFID. By using RFID across your entire manufacturing process, from receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods, labor costs, claims and returns are reduced and production timelines can align your materials more closely to your customers’ demands.

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Power & Utilities

By using ViziTrace throughout your utility infrastructure, your company can prevent damage and better meet regulatory requirements for transparency and accountability. By integrating ViziTrace into your existing system and workflows, you can reduce field cost and risk by proactively solving challenges.

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Supply Chain

All the links in your supply chain benefit from RFID and ViziTrace. Expedited receiving and processing, faster cycle counts and improved accuracy all result in decreasing returns, increased turns and higher customer satisfaction. With improved traceability comes improved control to facilitate compliance and validate all shipments.

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Government & Legal

From evidence to documents, weapons to vehicles, IT assets and people – students, citizens and prisoners – ViziTrace and RFID make it easy to keep track of it all and make asset visibility fast, easy and precise. The budget impacts go well beyond the short-term reduction in lost items and extend to the man-hours involved and its legal impacts. The platform not only serves your agency well in times of natural disasters, but also helps prevent man-made ones caused by over-burdened and creaking legacy storage and tracking systems.

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With ViziTrace and RFID, spend less time on inventory management and more time on patient care. Traceability also inoculates organizations from theft and counterfeit supplies. Should an emergency strike, RFID and ViziTrace can assist in quickly and accurately tracking triage patients, enabling you to provide them with optimal care.

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RFID by the Numbers
The RFID hardware revenue is predicted to grow
by up to as much as 20% each year

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