Document Tracking Solution

Getting Lost in the Shuffle

Getting Lost in the Shuffle

Document tracking and asset management can get out of hand in government agencies and legal departments. Primarily, this is due to thousands of files in a single county or state. Tracking, securing, and retrieving is draining when done manually. One organization can have visibility needs for everything from evidence to documents, weapons to vehicles, and IT assets to people – students, citizens, and prisoners. Archaic systems can’t keep up with your needs and don’t provide the mobile visibility features that your team needs in the field

Painless Document Tracking & Asset Management Solutions

When you work with ViziTrace for your document tracking project, you get customizable software and support for all your needs. Our support is with you every step of the way, from implementation to software updates and hardware upgrades. In addition, we provide the tools you need to easily track all your inventory from one platform, whether behind the desk or on the road.

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Benefit From RFID During Times of Disaster

ROI will go well beyond the short-term reduction in lost items, helping reduce man-hours needed for asset management across the board, which can dramatically impact your operations. As a digital platform, ViziTrace not only serves your agency in times of natural disasters but can also help prevent man-made catastrophes caused by over-burdened, creaking legacy storage units and obsolescent tracking systems.
Reduced Asset Search Time

Reduced Asset Search Time

Managing documentation through RFID tracking means that your team can find what they need faster and work on mission-critical tasks.
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Audit Compliance

Stay ahead of formal audit requests by quickly locating and tracking your RFID-tagged assets throughout multiple locations.

Mobile Solutions

Providing access to handheld scanners and mobile devices means that your files are organized and stay organized.

Powerful Integrations

ViziTrace has easy integration tools that communicate seamlessly with your existing software toolkit in many instances.
Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

Access real-time data so inspection information or item details can be shared electronically, keeping your team in the loop.

Less Lost Items

Keeping track of IT assets is easier with ruggedized RFID tags and a robust visibility software system.

Providing Government Agencies With Visibility

For government agencies at the state, county, and local level there is now an equipment and supply solution that connects all of your assets in one place. We provide you with the solutions you need.